Two Wire Arc Electrospray

Flame-Spray has been providing two wire arc systems since 1964. The Two Wire Arc Eectrospray system has been engineered to provide a robust, reliable and economical operation while producing high quality coating at high deposition rates. The sturdy front drive system features long life components designed for continuous OEM applications. Hand held models are also available.

Electrospray can be used with a solid or cored feedstock wire with diameters of 14 ga., 11 ga. or 1/8 in. wire. The Electrospray controls allow the user to control air pressure, spray voltage, and wire feed rate with easy local or remote, PLC or pendant controls. The power source is an advanced solid state design and is available in 350, 450 and 600 amp models. All power sources are rated at 100% duty cycle and allows continuous voltage from 14-44 volts. Both United States and European electrical inputs are available.

Electrospray coating applications include OEM, repair work, wear resistance and anti-corrosion coatings. Materials such as zinc, aluminum, copper, bronze, steel-based alloys and nickel-based alloys in both solid and cored wire form are examples of materials that can be sprayed using the Electrospray process.